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I gave an interview to about being an adjunct and not making any money.  You can read it all HERE.


About a month ago I answered some questions for the print/etsy related blog called Printsy.  I have a serious problem when it comes to saying and writing things without really thinking about them, and as a result I end up with quotes like this….

“…when you are successful you feel like you have tricked some evil lord that’s been thwarting your every move.”


Monday July 26th will be the official release date for the first two prints published by Harbor Coat Press, which is a little adventure that my wife and I are starting.  The idea is to highlight the art of the people working on changing the way printmaking is taught through the research and development of new and safer ways of doing printmaking.  We also hope to find artists out there making work that would benefit from these new working methods.  Our first outing features work from Leah Allen, a long time researcher at R.I.T. working under Keith Howard, and Daniel Danger, whose work is probably already in your house even if you don’t remember buying one of his prints.

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