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UNTITLED (THE COLLAPSING HOUSE) This print has an edition size of ten, CMYK 8″x8″ image on 10″x10″ plates.  This image was created for a benefit to InLiquid, a non profit arts organization here in Philadelphia.  I took this photograph off of RT. 112 in Western MA.  I will say that I made this photograph before I meet Alex Lukas so I know what your saying but it’s not my fault the man has cornered the “disaster” market of fine art.  Just sayin.


ELLSWORTH ST. This print has an edition size of 6, 16″x20″ plates on 24″x31.5″ paper, CMYK.  This print is SOLD OUT.  This is my first triptych CMYK print and was photographed from above my old apartment in south philly in the 1100 block of Ellsworth looking south.  People seemed to like this one.

MARGE, ROCHESTER. This print is a proof, the one and only copy made, of about 20 small plates hand inked and reassembled  into the full image.  I was working a lot with fracturing in my images and tried this out technique of assembling scrap plastic and exposing a full image to it.  It worked great but it was such a pain to print that I only did it once.  This print is NFS.  I took this photograph for a series where people had their body parts replaced by drawings from Grey’s Anatomy.  Pretty original idea right?

LINDA, RACE ST.  CMYK print 24″x24″ plates on 24″x31.5″ paper.  This image has an edition size of 3 and is SOLD OUT. This was the second print ever pulled using, what is now, the standard practice for printing CMYK intaglio, in other words the plates were plastic and printed face down.  I don’t know why I decided I needed registration marks but they kinda look sweet.  I photographed Linda (aka “wifey”) on Race St between 3rd and 2nd just before you get on 95 N.  The reflections really make this print and for me really legitimized what you can do with CMYK intaglio, not that photo real has to be your goal but just that you can it if you want to.

JULIA.  This print has an edition of 10 and is made of 8 individual plates inked and assembled on the press bed.  This print is SOLD OUT. This print was one of the first images to come out of the Arcadia University print department when I took over there in the fall of 2008.  I had worked in this style previously and it was a perfect thing to go back to as I was doing the research for black and white printing.  Julia is featured in a number of my prints, she is a model from the Allentown area.

BRIDGE ST.  This print has an edition of 10 is made of 7 individual plates inked and the assembled on the press bed.  This print is SOLD OUT.  I have a thing for only wanting to photograph on over cast days.  It’s part of the reason that I only work in bursts and clusters, to many things have to be happening for me to feel like getting out my camera and taking some pictures.   I’ve driven past this billboard tons of times and always liked the intersection, where a church sits adjacent to a porno house.  I just happened to drive by on a good day for even light.

HEADED SOUTH ON 81 INTO PA.  This print is a CMYK intaglio-type, 16″x20″ plates on 24″x31.5″ paper, and has an edition of 6.  This print is SOLD OUT.  Probably one of my more well known images and one of the best prints I’ve pulled at Arcadia so far.  I say that cause printing at Arcadia is like going to war with the studio, elements, and spirits.  You’d never guess how different things can be just a day later.  Anyway, taken on a drive back from Leah and Jamie’s wedding outside of Rochester.  Another triptych (I like these).  Again I love the low even light that cloudy and overcast days provide.

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