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MILE-MARKER 122.  Construction Intaglio print with an edition size of 5.  Purchase this print here.  This image was created during a print series I did in the Spring of 2009 called 20 prints in 20 days.  It was a dumb thing to do because I really didn’t have 20 good images, but what ever.  I took this photograph somewhere on the west coast, maybe Oregon, I can’t remember.  I do remember there was a bunch of Elk drinking from the stream and tons of people pulled over, and then one group of dudes drove their SUV right up to them, crazy.


JULIA UNDER OAK.  This print is a CMYK construction and has an edition size of 5.  I have a couple around, send me a note if you want one.  This image was taken during my session with Julia out side under a giant oak ( I wonder where he gets his titles from?)  This type of image kinda works well with the technique and I really got into the notes on her scarf, they are the highlight of the print.

KIRA.  This print is a CMYK construction and has an edition of 5.  Send email for purchase.  This image was taken up at Smith College in Northampton MA.  Kira was a great model and had terrific room.

AMY.  This print is a CMYK construction and has an edition size of 5.  Email for purchase.  Amy is sweet dude, and one of the first people I met when I moved up to Rochester, hey remember Friendster?  Amy moved to philly and was really nice and let me come over and take some pictures.  Amy is an Illustrator and now a teacher, check out her work.

81 MOTEL.  This print is a CMYK construction and had an edition of 5.  This print is SOLD OUT.  This image was taken on a drive back from my friend’s wedding in up state NY.  I pulled off to get gas and there was tons of traffic up ahead.  Got off and took a couple of pictures while the tank was filling and they turned out to be fantastic photographs.

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