I gave an interview to Insidehighered.com about being an adjunct and not making any money.  You can read it all HERE.


About a month ago I answered some questions for the print/etsy related blog called Printsy.  I have a serious problem when it comes to saying and writing things without really thinking about them, and as a result I end up with quotes like this….

“…when you are successful you feel like you have tricked some evil lord that’s been thwarting your every move.”


Monday July 26th will be the official release date for the first two prints published by Harbor Coat Press, which is a little adventure that my wife and I are starting.  The idea is to highlight the art of the people working on changing the way printmaking is taught through the research and development of new and safer ways of doing printmaking.  We also hope to find artists out there making work that would benefit from these new working methods.  Our first outing features work from Leah Allen, a long time researcher at R.I.T. working under Keith Howard, and Daniel Danger, whose work is probably already in your house even if you don’t remember buying one of his prints.

THE RAIN DRIPS THROUGH THE CEILING, A TINY EMPIRE GROWS, 5 color silkscreen.  collaboration with Daniel Danger.  Edition of 120, SOLD OUT  This print was created by Daniel and myself to help raise some funds for our studio, pictured, in Orange MA, which if you’ve never been there before is kind of a hell hole, but the kind of hell hole that has lots of empty warehouse space.  The adventure of creating a physical space for tinymedia empire was a beautiful disaster, filled with freezing winters, frequent trips to the chillzone and jesus freaks at the subway.

UNTITLED (THE COLLAPSING HOUSE) This print has an edition size of ten, CMYK 8″x8″ image on 10″x10″ plates.  This image was created for a benefit to InLiquid, a non profit arts organization here in Philadelphia.  I took this photograph off of RT. 112 in Western MA.  I will say that I made this photograph before I meet Alex Lukas so I know what your saying but it’s not my fault the man has cornered the “disaster” market of fine art.  Just sayin.

ELLSWORTH ST. This print has an edition size of 6, 16″x20″ plates on 24″x31.5″ paper, CMYK.  This print is SOLD OUT.  This is my first triptych CMYK print and was photographed from above my old apartment in south philly in the 1100 block of Ellsworth looking south.  People seemed to like this one.

SAMANTHA IN A BAY WINDOW, 5 color screen print, edition size of 45.  This print was made at Space 1026 and was my first attempt at using silver ink, big mistake doing a silver pull on a 220 screen, learned my lesson.  I meet Samantha in Chicopee, she has lots of cats and really likes the kids in the hall so it was a great shoot.

NUDE #8 (AKA DOT NUDE 8), CMYK screen print with an edition of 25.  This print is SOLD OUT.  Not much to say here, I was getting a little bored with this series at this point.  Above my desk where hundreds of proofs like this.  I liked this image because of the blue/purple color cast and positioning of the figure on the page, it probably would have been nicer on a larger sheet of paper.

THE SWEET SOUNG OF SOLOMON SINGING, This is a 3 color screen print with an edition of 40.  I photographed Julia up at her school in Allentown and took some pictures all around the area.  I was toying with the idea of not just shooting interior bedroom stuff, but in the end that was all i really liked from the sessions.  The title is about a conversation we were having about the “naughty” parts of the bible.  I don’t really do titles like this too much, my wife hates this title.

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